No matter what aspect of life you look at, it’s always good to have some form of an idol. In politics, it could be a former President. In business, it could be a CEO of a multimillion dollar company. In childhood, it could be a parent or teacher. In Christianity, it could be Jesus Christ. In sports, it could be a former champion. Idols are a necessity in everyday life, for if we didn’t have idols, a majority of us wouldn’t be able to find a purpose.

Idols set examples for who we want to become. As a kid, I saw Normar Garciaparra flourish at shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. He was the reason I became interested in baseball. I wanted to hit like him, field like him, practically be him. Of course, my athletic ability never came close to the former major leaguer, but I felt a purpose in playing and watching baseball.

Dedication and commitment are essential for becoming the idols we wish to be. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady exemplifies how hard work and commitment can lift you to the ranks of your idols. Brady grew up idolizing the great San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana. From a young age, Brady wanted to be just like the four-time Super Bowl champion. Playing for the same team would be a dream come true. We all know the story; Brady worked from the bottom to become what he is today, the next Joe Montana.

But is that what Brady, or any of us want to be, just the next? Any one of us can set a goal to become the next Brady, Nomar, or Joe Cool. But what happens when we get there? When we reach the plateau of our idols, is the road to our destination complete? Can we no longer expand greater than the limits our idols have created?

Idols show us that human beings can become far greater than we could ever imagine. But our goal shouldn’t be to become our idols, but rather become greater than our idols. Tom Brady doesn’t want his legacy to be known as “the next Montana.” He wants his name to coincide with “the greatest ever,” so other quarterbacks can try to be “the next Brady.” Aim higher, work harder, and strive to become greater than those you’ve idolized. Become an idol.

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