Awards Banquet honors students


Lasell honors students, members of the community, and organizations with its annual Awards Banquet. This year’s recipients include Flannagh Fitzsimmons (Lasell Chair), Myranda Smith and Kevin Lilly (Student Leaders of the Year), Dean of Admission Jim Tweed (SGA Spirit Award), and POLISHED Magazine (Organization of the Year). 

“I’m so surprised I got [the Lasell Chair], it was a bitter sweet feeling after the week I had. I would have done everything at Lasell regardless of the award. It is amazing where hard work can get you,” said Fitzsimmons.

Jenny Granger, the Director of Student Activities and Orientation, acted as Master of Ceremonies at the event. She praised Lasell’s many organizations and their members as well as organization advisors throughout the banquet.

Sally Carola, a 27-year-old employee at the Office of Admission, was recipient of the 2014 Lamp Yearbook dedication. Carola took the stage to accept her award with a huge smile on her face and thanked the crowd. Carola recently retired from her position.

Lilly, a senior who has been involved with many aspects of the college during his time at Lasell, was honored with his involvement by winning Student Leader of the Year, along with Smith. Lilly is a commuter, member of SGA, and active member of the Center for Community-Based Learning.

“Before this year I was just another commuter who talked trash about how it sucked [being a commuter] here and I came to the realization I could continue to complain which might get me a couple retweets or actually step up and try to make a difference,” said Lily. “It’s been paying off big time. You should always try to be the change, and even if it doesn’t work out like you hoped at least you can look back say you tried.”

Recipients of the Lasell Bowl were Jenna Zamary, Ashley Monck, Matt Duggan, Diane Coon, Alex Ferri, Steve Saluti, and Colleen Melvin.

“Being involved is more of a privilege than a service,” said Melvin. “I appreciate the recognition so much and winning this bowl has been an amazing experience.”

The event was enjoyed with a dinner provided by Sodexo and mingling between peers at tables. Afterwards, students celebrated with one another, a touching end to not only the evening and school year, but for the Lasell careers of many graduating seniors.

“I feel like it’s the beginning of the end. It’s coming to an end in a good way by celebrating all the accomplishments. I think the class of 2014 was honored great at the banquet,” said Granger.

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