Laser Nation, where are you?


Picture this: it’s an arena filled with thousands of fans waiting for a college basketball game to tip-off. There’s a section at mid-court filled with student body members covered in face paint. Each student is jumping up and down to the introduction music with their arms on the shoulders beside them.

As the players get ready for the game to begin, the students are chanting in unison. The game begins, and the fans are go- ing wild. Their hands go up during every free throw, in hopes the away team will miss. It’s not necessarily going to work; it’s more of a superstition. Every game it’s the same: first ones there, last ones out. They come out in big numbers to silence the away team’s supporters. The “super- fans” support the college’s teams no matter how good or bad they perform. Does this seem like the fans of Lasell College? I can easily say absolutely not.

It may be unfair to picture an arena filled with thousands, as the Athletic Center isn’t exactly an arena and the student body isn’t over 2,000. But is it unfair to say the attendance and support at Lasell’s athletic events is almost laughable? I will say, though, the support for senior games and special events are good. Again, it’s just good.

Sitting at a basketball game feels like either a PGA event or an away game. The chants of “defense” are loud and proud when the Lasers have the ball, and when Lasell scores on a big play, in comes the golf clap.

I’m rather reserved as a fan. I don’t go absolutely wild, but I’m not silent. Most importantly, I understand the sport and it’s start time.

I use basketball as an example be- cause it’s the one college sport where the fans have the most presence. It’s also the one sport where the Brandeis University fans make 1844 Commonwealth Avenue their home. Are the Brandeis fans obnoxious? Yes, but they truly love their team and aren’t afraid to show it.

So Lasell, where is the love? Where’s the passion other schools show at nearly every athletic event? Do we only enjoy certain sports? Rugby’s one and only home game of the year has more of a turnout than possibly all the others sports combined (and rugby isn’t a member of the NCAA…nor does the field have real seating). Does attending a Division III school make us less significant? We may not be Ohio State or any other large university, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cheer and play just as big.

Students at Lasell need to take initiative in creating an environment that takes pride in its athletic teams. Bring a group to games. Get covered in face paint. Get some chants going. Start a Facebook page. Create a club on campus as the official “Lasers fan group.”

Playing in a game without fans is like singing without an audience: it brings satisfaction, but it doesn’t bring excitement. Laser Nation is out there, it’s just a matter of time before it shows up.