Posts will be updated between innings, unless I’m eating Doritos. -Zachary Gray

End 1st: Unless the Cardinals win this series, David Ortiz will easily take the MVP award. Batting over .700? Unreal.

Mid 2nd: Did Stephen Drew get a hit? Easiest question to answer.

End 2nd: Business as usual.

Mid 3rd: This could be a phenomenal pitching match-up. Should have seen this type of game back on Wednesday.

End 3rd: Questionable strike three call. The strike zone all series for both teams has been shaky. Regardless, teams have to adjust. It’s evenly uneven.

Mid 4th: Ortiz still on fire. Supporting cast, not so much. Need to give credit when it’s due. Cardinals pitching has been great, all series.

End 4th Matt Holliday was due for a big hit. Too talented not to go yard at some point.

Mid 5th: Did Drew get a hit? Close, but no. Side note: when’s the last time Jon Lester put down a legit bunt? Middle school?

End 5th: Let’s get this out of the way: Lester isn’t cheating. Him using sweat or Vaseline on his fingers is the same as batters using pine tar. It’s to get a grip, not to add a substance on the ball. These replays of Lester wiping his arm are as exciting as listening to Tim McCarver.

Mid 6th: Forgettable inning for the Sox.

End 6th: Lester is under 70 pitches going into the 7th. Dominant performance thus far. Let’s see how Adam Wainwright responds.

Mid 7th: Not a great response for Wainwright.

End 7th: Another dominate inning. If the score holds, this guarantees a Sox win for Game 6. Bullpen is getting well needed rest. Of course, this is my uneducated input. Then again, my prediction for Game 4 wasn’t too shabby.

Mid 8th: 11 for 15. Ortiz, so hot right now. Ortiz.

End 8th: Impressive outing by Lester. Couldn’t have written it up better. Well, minus the home run. Regardless, just dominate. Koji Uehara just doing the damn thing per usual.

Mid 9th: Answer: No. The question: Did Stephen Drew get a hit?

Red Sox win, 3-1: Impressive win for the Red Sox. Both pitchers did what they could. Dominate by both sides. Wainwright went an inning too long, and Boston manager John Ferrell took Lester out before anything bad could happen. Tonight was the game we we’re expecting for this entire series. Game 6 on Wednesday.

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