Watch City Brewing Co. offers good eats and great drinks


Moody St in Waltham is home to a variety of restaurants for friends to enjoy some food and drinks. For those looking for American cuisine with a unique beverage, Watch City Brewing Company offers just that.

Established in 1996, Watch City Brewing Company is one of the few local restaurants in the Newton area to feature its own brewery. The restaurant has a cozy, traditional restaurant setting with familiar booth, table, and bar seating.

Everything on tap at Watch City is their own brew. The waiter recommended the Bay Circuit Trail Pale Ale, an American/English Style Ale. The $6.25 pint features a deep amber color and is light in carbonation and flavor. It has a bitter pale ale taste to it, but not as strong as the average IPA. Regardless, it’s a fine compliment to just about any dish.

For an appetizer, the nachos seemed like the safe pick. However, upon the nachos’ arrival to the table, confusion set in: why were the chips and nacho toppings separated? It was rather difficult to scoop up the toppings with the chips, but it was a wasted effort as the nachos simply fell short in flavor.

Although the starter wasn’t up to par, the burger of the day certainly was. Featuring onions, habanero sauce, and provolone cheese, this burger was hot in spice and flavor. The ground sirloin was cooked perfectly to order and tasted excellent. Holding this burger together was a thick, yet airy kaiser roll that complimented the burger nicely.

Dessert was a classic choice, as most can’t go wrong with the brownie sundae. The dish was tasty, but the brownie itself sort of fell apart crumb by crumb.

Located on the corner of Pine St and Moody St, Watch City Brewing Co. is a casual restaurant featuring high ceilings, wooden floors and booths, and an oval bar in the center. Music is played at a perfect level and the lights are dimmed, but not too dark. The bar area features four flat-screen televisions and one standard-definition square TV. The casual setting and small number of televisions makes Watch City Brewing Company less of a place for music and entertainment and more of an environment for enjoying food and beer with friends and family.

Certain dishes can be a hit or miss, so play it safe with the specials.

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