Good mourning, it’s Monday! Week 1

Welcome to the first installment of Good mourning, it’s Monday! It’s been some time since I’ve consistently written and I’d like to get back to it. I’ll look to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through the first day back at work. Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…


Hey, did you hear? Cubs are in the World Series. They had a curse. With a goat. You know, 1945? 1908? It’s kind of a big deal. Oh yeah, Indians are playing too in case you forgot. Well, the Fall Classic kicks off Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox. Can we please get these games started an hour earlier? I do not understand the fascination of having first pitch at 8 when we all know the games will run four hours long, this following of course the overdrawn roster introductions, commercials, etc etc.  What would we miss if we pushed everything an hour earlier, local news at 6? Entertainment Tonight? TMZ? (Grandpa rant over).  The feeling I get is a lot of people are pulling for the Cubs to win, but there are those who cannot stand the Cubs fan base. This is worst case scenario for the haters, a lose-lose. The “lovable losers” are on the biggest stage, set up to be the best losers. If they win, they’ll sing Go Cubs Go all winter.  I think the real question if the Cubs win is, do the fans still embrace the Cubbies as the lovable losers? Red Sox fans were cautiously hopeful for most of 86 years, but they didn’t enjoy or expect losing. Once they won in 2004, it was expected for them to be in contention every year afterward. If Chicago wins the Series and the fans continue to embrace 90-100 loss teams in the future, then the North Side needs to be tested for narcotics.

Indians win series 4-2


N.Y. Post: A Hudson Valley woman is finger lickin’ mad at Kentucky Fried Chicken, claiming its understuffed buckets are for the birds. Anna Wurtzburger, of Hopewell Junction, says she bought a $20 bucket of chicken from KFC over the summer and was disappointed to find it looked much different than what’s in the chain’s ads.

“I came home and said, ‘Where’s the chicken?’ I thought I was going to have a couple of meals,” she told The Post.

“They say it feeds the whole family … They’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken,” the 64-year-old widow griped. “You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces!”

“You know what commercial they should put on? You remember the movie, ‘Oliver’?” she said. “It was about the little boy growing up in the orphanages and he was hungry and he goes to the man, ‘Can I have some more?’ ”

Retired from the Fishkill Correction Facility, Wurtzburger lives off her Social Security check and said the KFC meal was supposed to be a rare treat.

I hope this lady wins. Long shot, but it would be fantastic. First off, no surprise a person with the name Wurtzburger isn’t suing McD’s or Wendy’s (shout out to 4 for 4). Has to stay loyal to the family name. But if she runs with the colonel once in a while, then good for her. My guess would be the Jim Gaffigan colonel. I don’t hate her reasoning, because KFC advertising makes their chicken look ungodly. Always a huge disappointment craving a well crafted and filling meal and end up with lazily assembled bag or bucket of slop. No heart, no love, and no passion put into the fast food game. Trust me, my first job was flipping patties for Ronald and I lasted less than two months. Now people might think $20 million is a lot, but it’s relative to the bucket she bought. Can’t sue for 5 mill or another random number because it lessens your chances of winning. But if I were her lawyer, I would have gotten ahead of Ms. Wurtzburger’s comments. One side, she wants a couple meals; the other she claims it feeds the whole family. Then she double-downs with the Oliver comment. Stick to the script, or a script at least. Best of luck to her.


So this happened to me the other day on my way to work. I jump on the T wearing a Dodgers sweater and this gentleman looks up and say, “Gonna need a miracle.” What? First off, Kershaw was set to pitch next, so I wouldn’t say a freaking miracle was needed to potentially win. I just assume everything guys say about sports is stupid, so I wasn’t exactly surprised by this guy’s dumb comment. What I don’t understand is why the hell to guys, especially middle-aged men, feel compelled to comment on another guy’s sports attire. And this isn’t friends, I’m talking about RANDOM STRANGERS making a comment in passing. I’m on a subway commuting to work before the sun breaks the skyline, so please do not talk to me even if I know you. Do older men think we’re going to bond and start chatting about sports like a couple of dudes drinking in the Applebee’s bar? Talking about sports can be insufferable already (yes, the irony of me saying this), but I don’t need a stranger starting sports small talk because of my clothing. Before the sweater, I had a guy ask outside of a restaurant ask if I was from Detroit because I was wearing a Tigers hat and then proceed to talk about the team. Do women do this? You just ride the subway, spot a woman wearing a brand or shirt with a team, tv show, or something else and decide, “I will start small talk with a complete stranger.” I never want to become this type of person because next thing you know, you’re striking conversations with the cashier, small talking politics with other’s in line, and eventually yelling on top of a soap box in the middle of Downtown Crossing trying to promote a useless cause. So please, let me wear my clothing with the sports logo of a team I don’t care about in peace without talking to someone I care about even less.


“One more and I got 69 touchdowns. You know what I mean.” -Rob Gronkowski



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