Writer makes something up; people take it as breaking news

I’m scrolling through the Twitter machine mid-day and I see this tweet come up from Time:


First off, didn’t the movies/books end in 2007? Why is a decade-old supporting character from Harry Potter relevant? But more importantly, how is this news? J.K. Rowling created these characters, worlds, and stories for the entertainment of others. The details of this FICTIONAL story will always remain FICTIONAL and imaginary. Rowling went on her Twitter page to share this incredible news to her fans. She’s “revealed” in the past that Dumbledore was gay and Hagrid couldn’t produce a Patronus…whatever that means.

I understand there is popularity that still surrounds Harry Potter, but are we really going to ask these type of questions to the writer 10 years later? These are fake people in a fake world that doesn’t exist. If Rowling’s fans are asking why she created a character in a certain how and how it affects the story, then fine, have a blast. “I wanted him to read minds because it gave depth to this relationship and blah blah blah….” would have been great. But these fans, and Rowling, give into this false reality and take it as fact.

What makes Marvel creator Stan Lee so great is he doesn’t care. Whenever he is asked hypotheticals or character details in his comics, his response is usually “because I created these characters, so I can do whatever I want.” Lee was asked about a hypothetical regarding Cyclops of the X-Men, whether a sneeze would cause his head to explode. The answer was no, because Lee created X-Men and said so.

We all have that TV show or movie we obsess over and try to make theories, or perhaps try to predict what’s next. But at the end of the day, it’s the reflection of ideas created by the writer(s). Rowling could tweet out that Harry Potter himself had a poop fetish and people would go nuts over it, retweeting it as fact and trying to decipher “clues” in the books that reveal he did in fact have a poop fetish. This wouldn’t change a thing about the book, it doesn’t change anything in your life, and it doesn’t exist.

An imaginary detail, within an imaginary story, within an imagination. Que the horn!