GMIM #19: Mr. Oscar had quite the night

Welcome to another installment of Good mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Let’s talk about last night

When I masterfully created the concept of Good mourning, it’s Monday!, my vision was to write blogs that either distracted you, the reader, from your miserable day at work with either funny stories or my own misery you could relate to. I’ve ranted about the subway (won’t stop), I’ll be sure to write stories of my production to this planet (it’s not much), and we’ll be there together for all the screw ups in my life and others.

A massive screw up headlined the Academy Awards last night, but a big screw up was overshadowed. It puts the “mourning” in Good mourning, it’s Monday!

Tribute to late Australian costume designer Janet Patterson shows photo of the wrong person – still-alive producer Jan Chapman

[Source – Daily MailShe’s the Australian costume and production designer who died in October last year. And a huge mistake was made when it was time to pay tribute to the late Janet Patterson during this year’s Academy Awards telecast on Sunday.

When the four-time Oscar nominee’s name was announced, the picture used was actually of Jan Chapman, a Sydney-based film producer and Janet’s longtime friend.


I’m sure I’ve done something like this back in college when I took “Modern Japan” or some other b.s. course to fulfill a “requirement” to become a smart person in the working world. (Remember kids, the key to success is blowing $100k on booze and fake classes, unpaid labor disguised as an internship, and then working an entry-level position for 10 years. Another blog on that another time.) In my case, I think I included the wrong city skyline or 1950s Japanese diplomat or something that didn’t lower my grade whatsoever. But this is something special. The dingus in charge of making this slideshow didn’t just put the wrong face to the name, but they put Janet’s own friend in place instead. They must have pulled up Janet’s Facebook page, seen a bunch of photos of these two together, and said “well, I think it’s that one.” But hey, it’s Jan and Janet. Simple mix up. Except Jan is alive.

Best picture goes to…


I was very close to turning off the TV once “La La Land” was announced Best Picture. Overall, I’m not a fan of these award shows. I can’t relate to millionaires attempting to be relatable and give these self-righteous speeches about how acting is changing the world. Viola Davis claiming acting and being an artist was “the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life” was absurd. You act in movies. You’re not a doctor or changing the world.

But this moment was awesome. “La La Land” was set to be the classic “Omg, a movie about love, actors, and Hollywood? Give it best picture!” The Academy eats this crap up (see “Shakespeare in Love” winning over “Saving Private Ryan” in 1999) and it was great to see everyone from the movie be told they actually didn’t win.

RIP in peace Gene Wilder. Cue the video!

I hate Oscar viewing parties


So right after La La Land Moonlight won, the local news came on and of course it focused on the local angle on the Oscars. What was featured? An Oscars viewing party for fans of “Manchester By The Sea.”

I haven’t seen the movie and I’ve heard only positive things about it, but how pathetic must it be to attend a bar/restaurant for an Oscars party and rooting for a film like it’s a sports team? Watching these people sigh in disappointment when La La Land was announced the winner made me want to throw my TV out the window, drive to Manchester, and destroy the restaurant. Get over yourselves. It’s a movie.

I’ve come to the conclusion that sports and movies/entertainment are on opposite ends of the interest spectrum, but have equally obnoxious fans. People may find TMZ and Inside edition insufferable, but don’t forget First Take airs everyday at 10 a.m. est.

But in the end, if you host a party for an award ceremony and go full out with Oscar snacks and decorations, I don’t like you. Awards are crap and they don’t matter. Mahatma Gandhi never won a Nobel Peace Prize, “Crash” won best picture over “Brokeback Mountain,” and Trump will award the Medal of Freedom to some idiots soon.

I think I drank spoiled chocolate milk

If I come down with an illness, I will update you folks. Could be a RIP me situation. Perfect for a Monday.

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