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Zach’s Coin Flip Selection Special

Ah, the sweet smell of March Madness. If I wasn’t reminded what month it is, I would’ve guessed it was still January. The temperature has been in single digits and we’re receiving over a foot of snow tomorrow. Thank god, because I really didn’t enjoy the few days we had when it was 70 degrees.

Regardless of mother nature’s plans, it won’t change the fact we have the best month in college sports and that’s the NCAA basketball national championship. It’s truly a joyous time to watch 18-22 year-old student-athletes work volunteer their hardest to contribute to the NCAA’s success and wealth without any earning a dime.

Before the clock struck 9, I already filled out four separate brackets. But there’s one bracket that matters most: the coin flip. Yes, this truly innovative and original idea started a few years ago when yours truly was starting out in the blog game and had maybe two readers at best (my mother and I). So without further ado, here are the results of the flips:

Here are some observations:

  • A pair of 16 seeds, Texas Southern and South Dakota St., each make it to the Sweet 16.
  • Brad Pitt and #15 Troy make it all the way to the Elite 8
  • #11 URI makes it out of the first round not just in the Coin Flip bracket, but in a lot of mine. My analysis? None.
  • #9 Michigan St. gets knocked out right away. I feel like Michigan St. is one of those teams that people are blindly picking to make it to the Sweet 16 regardless of how they perform during the season. Maybe it’s because they’re Michigan’s “little brother,” or perhaps it’s coach Tom Izzo and his missing upper lip, or could it be because they recently won a National Title.   Wait, that was 17 years ago? Yeah, Michigan State sucks.
  • #14 Florida Gulf Coast, a.k.a. Dunk City, runs over #3 Florida St. on its trip to the Sweet 16. Hey guys, remember when they dunk? That’s cool.
  • Speaking of 14 seeds, Kent State rolls through #3 UCLA and #2 Kentucky on its way to the Final Four.

Let’s see the Final Four!

Aside from #14 Kent State, this isn’t a terrible Final Four considering a coin flip determined this. Defending champion #1 Villanova returns to the championship game to face the 2017 powerhouse known as Kent State. The Wildcats poop themselves and choke an opportunity to go back to back. Kent State is your National Champion, folks.

It’s cold, it’s going to snow, I hate everything

Growing up, the middle of March was when things started to turn around. The snow would start to melt (kind of), baseball tryouts started in high school, and my birthday was less than two months away. To put the mourning in good morning, New England is getting hit with the most snow it’s gotten all winter. Yup, mother nature decided to wait until the middle of March to be an asshole.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see the 18 inches of snow, put on three layers of clothes, attempt to fire up my snowblower, and shoot snow back into my face. For a while, I couldn’t get my blower to start. Turned out the cord from the primer to the carburetor was torn, so I’m forced to use a small cord and blow air into it myself. Mmmmm, the sweet taste of gasoline. Also, I had to Google carburetor for its spelling and I still don’t understand it’s purpose. I’m not the type of person to shy away from outdoor work, but I don’t claim to be some sort of outdoorsman, small engine junkie. I know these machines run on gas, need oil for some reason, and make things easier for me.

If there’s no blog next week, it’s because I threw myself into the blower or got trapped myself in the snow. RIP in peace me.

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