GMIM: Baseball is back!

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Baseball is back!

The recent snow here in New England makes it hard to believe, but baseball is officially back. The the time of year I binge through opening day(s) games, watch the Red Sox religiously for about two weeks, and then check in once in a while until the end of August. A pattern much like going to the gym.

Yesterday’s game went from boring (Yankees falling to the Rays in a snoozer), to good (Madison Bumgarner hitting two home runs), to pretty good (Cardinals take down the World Champs). A nice three-game slate on Sunday, reminiscent of the NFL season. But why in the world are the Cubs opening on the road and not playing at home for a full week? Regardless of how soon the schedules are made, the World Series champions should open the season at home every year.

I won’t give predictions or in depth analysis, because I’m not a smart person. I am however keeping an eye on the following:

  • Will the Cubs stay in top form or return to being the Cubs again? The pitching should be solid once again, but I’m most interested in seeing if Jason Heyward’s “new swing” can get him to look at least like a AAA hitter. He had a miserable post-season and last night didn’t look great either. It’s been some times since a team has won back-to-back. The 2010-2011 Texas Rangers were the last team to reach back-to-back World Series, and the New York Yankees last won consecutive titles from 1998-2000. It’s still a three team race for the division, and it’s only the Cubs to lose.
  • Will the Red Sox rotation live up to the hype? If spring training is any indication, Chris Sale should be solid this season. But as the cynical person I am, I have zero faith in the rest of the rotation. David Price will be lost to injury for most of the season, Drew Pomeranz is on the DL and will probably stay for a while, and it’s unrealistic to believe Rick Porcello will stay in Cy Young form. Yet, this team might win the division on offense and lack of competition in the division.
  • For seven years, I’ve been told by Sports Illustrated that it’s the Astros’ year. Well, I’m still waiting. They have promising players each season, yet flake out towards the end of the year. Maybe it was the curse of the centerfield hill?
  • Despite losing fat guy Bartolo Colon, the Mets look to bounce back in 2017 with a favorable pitching staff. The only obstacle is Washington, who like the play the role of their hockey neighbor as dominant in the regular season but choke artists in the postseason. If the Mets stay healthy, they should be favored to win the division over the Nationals. Why? Because I said so.
  • The Indians are my favorite to win the whole thing (so much for predictions). Adding Edwin Encarnacion isn’t going to propel this team to 110 wins, but maintaining the pitching staff and adding bats to an already great lineup sets Cleveland up to be this year’s champion. Great analysis, I know.

The National Championship is tonight, and I’m clueless about it

If you listened to my latest podcast, you’d learn that I picked Gonzaga and UNC to meet in tonight’s National Championship. With as close as both Final Four games were, you’d have to figure tonight’s game will either (a) come down to a buzzer-beater, or (b) a massive blowout.

UNC is favored at -1.5. Again, I am no betting man, but I’m taking Gonzaga. I’m most looking forward to the matchup between 7’1″ Przemek Karnowski of Gonzaga and 6’11” Kennedy Meeks of UNC. Meeks was huge in the end against Oregon, essentially boxing out three Ducks to secure the Tar Heels spot in tonight’s game. I believe in Karnowski, or as I like to call him the Polish Hemlock, and guys with big beards who are seven feet tall are the types who win National Titles.

Gonzaga by 8. 

Haven’t listened to the newest podcast? What are you waiting for?

The newest podcast explores the newest book soon to be made into a movie, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much.” Any idiot who believes this is a true story should be forced to live in North Korea. Long story short, mommy thinks her boy is the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig. Take a listen below…

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