GMIM: House parties, my dysfunctional brain, and beer

Welcome to another installment of Good mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Zachapalooza recap and lessons learned


Saturday was my birthday, or as I named it, Zachapalooza. I planned to have a house party about three months ago just so my college friends and others could plan ahead to actually attend. Mostly everyone came, everyone had fun, so on and so forth.

I tell you what though, it’s definitely the last house party I have for a while. It’s too much damn work and money to provide for a group of drunk idiots for only one night. All this effort gets put in and then you have to clean up the next morning (hungover most likely), pack away leftovers, and throw away the buns you left outside that the raccoons got to last night (that happened).

Let’s review some of highlights and low-lights:

  • Getting together with all your friends and family is always good, no matter how much work you have to put in. Never take that for granted.
  • Despite the effort it takes, food is always a positive.
  • It rained a decent amount before the party started, but managed to hold off for the most part.
  • Huge low-light was losing in cornhole. Can’t be the birthday boy and not show up when it matters most.
  • Best thing to happen at this party was what didn’t happen: people throwing up or getting too drunk. Surprisingly, no one was an asshole and not a single ounce of puke was laid into a toilet or blade of grass. Great success.

As I said above, I’m looking to lay off hosting a party anytime soon. I simply don’t want to put the effort in before, during, and especially after. But if you have a house party to host anytime soon, here are Zach’s official pieces of advice…

  • BYOB vs providing beers isn’t as clear-cut as it may seem. People think BYOB helps prevent party goers from taking your alcohol, but you’ll always get the few idiots who don’t bring anything or they scrap together five random beers in an old cardboard 6-pack case and then want something different at the party. A keg seems like the best choice, but it can be a pain to move around and foam can be an issue. If the prices are decent and you’re providing beer, just grab three 30-racks. It’ll be around the same price as a keg, all the beer stays fresh, and if they all aren’t consumed, you have some leftover.
  • Keep food simple. If you want something different like chili dip, encourage guests to bring it. It’s like Friendsgiving: host has the turkey while everyone else brings the sides. Just cook up the main dishes and the rest will come.
  • Continuing the point above, here is an ideal food plan for the host to provide: Doritos and Lays, a veggie plate for stupid vegans, burgers, dogs, sausages, store-made chocolate chip cookies, and maybe a drunk pizza. All this depends too on the size of the party.
  • Whatever time you think it’ll start, do an hour later. I invited people over for 3 p.m. and we ended up being set up at around 4:30. There’s never enough time to set up.
  • Have entertainment like speakers, cornhole and other yard games, pong games, and indoor party games in case it rains. If possible, get Mario Party 2. Never fails.
  • Hide a stash of Pedialyte for yourself. You’ll need it either before bed or in the morning. But definitely in the morning.

My brain is stupid and I’m tired


I am having a great case of Absentmindedness this morning. I walk into the office through the kitchen with the intention to put my lunch (party leftovers) in the fridge. What don’t I do? Put my leftovers in the fridge. I proceed to go straight to my desk instead. I think to myself, “Ok, let’s go to the kitchen, bring the lunch, and grab some breakfast.” You’ve probably guessed it already, but I went into the kitchen to make my usual English muffin with almond butter (stupid office peanut ban), banana, and honey, yet left my lunch on my desk. Classic.

My question is, how many times do you have to forget something before you just give up? Because it’s been three times with my lunch and I almost ordered food for later because I didn’t think I brought a lunch. It might be the Man Upstairs telling me the buffalo chicken is going to give me some awful poops, but it’s a risk worth taking.

Craft beer lovers (and drunks), listen to the newest podcast

This week’s edition of The Gray Area features my buddy Trevor Bonnette. We went to college together and he came on the podcast to discuss opening a brewery up in Keene, NH. Trevor discusses his role as VP of Monadnock Brewing Company, along with his thoughts on whiskey.

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