GMIM: Breast feeding, basketball, and my health

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Australian Senator Becomes First-Ever to Breastfeed in Parliament


[Source: Motto] – Australian Senator Larissa Waters made history Tuesday as the first person to breastfeed in her country’s Parliament. Waters, the co-leader of the left-wing Greens party, returned from a 10-week-long maternity leave with her newborn daughter, Alia Joy, and nursed her during a vote. The parliamentarian was instrumental in passing a rule last year that allowed for members to breastfeed in the senate chambers, according to The Courier Mail. Still, Waters was surprised to receive so much attention.

What a hardo, amirite??

Stories like this are exactly the type of click bait that get men and women, super feminists and douchebag guys, or old and young people into fights. It’s another one of those issues that’s trying to play both sides of the argument.

“I had hoped to not only feed my baby, but also to send a message to young women that they belong in the Parliament, and that they can be both Parliamentarians and be moms.”

Women can be a mom and have a job? Well no kidding. You don’t need to breastfeed your kid to prove this; just show up after giving birth. Not hard. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, if you have to bring your kid to work, then you don’t have your responsibilities in check, especially if you’re in government making god knows how much money. So what if this kid starts crying during a vote or a debate? I can’t complain because she’s “making a statement?”

“Don’t be a dick, Zach! She’s a mother.” Listen, to all the mom’s out there, thanks for everything you do and have done. Your kids and certainly men cannot thank you enough, although I think sushi last night was a good enough.

But let’s not champion feeding your kid, a necessity to any human, as a symbol of strong women in the workplace. If a dude was spoon-feeding his infant baby, I’d wonder why the hell he even brought his kid. But nope, this is being a role model. Congrats, you fed your kid at work.

“Well I think it’s slightly ridiculous that feeding one’s baby is international news — women have been breastfeeding for as long as time immemorial,” Waters, 40, tells the BBC. “But in another sense, this is the first time this has happened in our Parliament in 116 years, so it’s definitely world history-making.”

So Waters thinks it’s “slightly ridiculous,” yet she clearly did this for publicity or to be a role model. Or better yet, to make “world-history.”

In case you didn’t know, Waters isn’t the only woman in Australian Parliament, yet having your baby suck your nipple will certainly try to make that the case. (Yeah, “suck your nipple” isn’t a great term, but something about “drink your milk” just sounds much, much worse.)

I’m not supportive of public breast-feeding, but I’m certainly not against it either. My personal opinion is, if you know you’ll be out with your baby, wouldn’t you pump out some baby juice into a bottle prior to leaving? Despite not having milk in my breasts, I would imagine feeding your child with a bottle is a hell of a lot easier than whipping out your boob. But if your baby is too little for a bottle, then so be it. Do what you need to do.

Again, I’m no breast-feeding expert and I certainly won’t be doing it any time soon. Just because I have a Y chromosome doesn’t mean I can’t be woke on this Pre-Mother’s Day publicity stunt.

(Side note: having a baby at the age of 40 is bananas.)

NBA Playgrounds review


I’ve finally come around to owning a new video game system. After years with the Wii and hanging on to my Nintendo 64, I’m the proud owner of a PlayStation 4.

It’s been some time since the announcement of NBA Playgrounds hitting the digital markets and it was finally released soon after I got my PS4. What I thought was going to be a mix of NBA Street and NBA Jam is not exactly that, but instead a frustrating experience wishing there was more to love.

As just mentioned, it appears to be a mix of two classic basketball games known for simplicity, fun, and replay value. Visually, this game is great, with big heads, smooth graphics, and great detail to the caricature-style faces of the players. The dunks are over-the-top and never fail to make me giggle like a school girl.

Ian Eagle of CBS Sports does the play-by-play with the voice of Rucker Park, E.J. “The Mayor” Johnson. It certainly isn’t Tim Kitzrow and his great calls of “BOOMSHAKALAKA,” but it could be worse.

The different courts are in various cities around the globe, including New York, Paris, London, and more. It’s a good start, but I certainly hope they add more.

Playgrounds features “Lottery Picks” which is the basketball equivalent of a Mario Kart power-up. They feature different perks such as dunks worth double the points, automatically make a shot, and unlimited stamina. I’ve read other reviews that say these cause the game to become one-sided, but I personally like them. It adds a different element to the game. If you wanted regular basketball, then play 2K.

The game doesn’t start with all players available. You have to build up experience points by paying more and completing tournaments to unlock player packs. Some packs have big names like Magic Johnson, but sometimes you get repeats, which only adds experience to that player (incredibly annoying).

So we have a NBA Jam style game with legends and current players, Mario Kart style power ups, all on the newest systems. This should set up for a great game.

But none of it matters because it’s GODDAMN IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE A SHOT.

I have to resort to making it a 3-point contest because it’s the only way to time a shot correctly. Hell, you have time a freaking dunk correctly in order to make it. I, standing at 5’6″ and overweight, have a better shot of making a wide open layup than Magic Johnson does in NBA Playgrounds. It’s a goddamn joke. And the worst is when I was playing against John Stockton and Karl Malone and they’re nailing learners and fade-away for perfect shots, which is an additional point. Yes, timing a shot perfectly give you an additional point.

I had to hate quit the game when Stockton ran down the shot clock to the final second and shot a fade-away 3-pointer FROM HIS OWN FOUL LINE AND MADE THE SHOT.

How can I genuinely enjoy an arcade-style basketball game that requires players to time their shots more accurately than 2K, yet the computer is flawlessly nailing shots? To throw salt on the wound, Ian Eagle mocks your missed shots. Shut up, nerd.

For $20, it’s not a terrible investment. It seems like the game has already gotten an update to address some of the shooting issues, along with other bugs. The developers promise to have more players available in the future as well.

But if all the issues aren’t addressed soon to be more user-friendly, NBA Playgrounds will certainly be one of the biggest disappointments of 2017.

I’m coughing too much


Recent development, folks: I’ve been coughing up both my lungs since Friday and it has not been fun. I don’t feel sick, so I’m pretty sure it’s allergy/asthma induced.

So Thursday night, I stay at the Lady’s house. Her cat likes to roll around everywhere in her bed, so all night I’m most likely inhaling cat hair, dust, and whatever else is in the room. I wake Friday morning coughing like a damn smoker. Just horrendous sound and feeling. Yet, I still managed to go into work Friday and Saturday like the working man I am.

Sunday however, I couldn’t do it. There comes a point when you cough up too many loogies to sit at your desk and be the office asshole. I tried out a Hot Toddy for the first time yesterday morning and I tell ya, it’s a great excuse to have bourbon at 9 a.m.

Here’s the situation: I’m taking a ton of medicine, borrowing inhalers, and trying to get back at 100% for Metallica on Friday. You know, the old “be sick, then healthy, and finally ruin your health once again” routine. Everyone knows the deal.

So if you have any Native American miracle products or anything that’ll simply shut me up, contact me please. But don’t expect me to pay you.

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