GMIM: I got blocked on Twitter

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I triggered someone on Twitter

It’s a lovely Monday morning. Birds chirping, sun beaming, and I’m inside working from home. It’s ok, folks, I’m good. Got to earn that cheddar somehow.

I open all my work tabs and also hop on Twitter and see a report that Pete Frates, the inspiration of the ice bucket challenge, had died. Frates became a world-wide figure after starting the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research.

Turns out, the report was false. Mike Barnicle, who was fired from The Boston Globe, had tweeted out this morning that Frates had passed. He later deleted the tweet and said a family friend told him the false news (way to admit you messed up). Just some great journalistic reporting by not reaching out to the family, hospital, or anyone else to confirm the story.

Though Frates was known across the country, he was beloved in the Boston area. So of course, everyone is reacting with “RIP Pete Frates” or “It was great to know him,” and so on. Thankfully, Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald came out and reported the Barnicle tweet was false.

buckley tweet

After reading this good news, I decide to throw some shade at Barnicle, because that’s the thing to do these days:


I throw this out there thinking I may get a few likes or a retweet, nothing special. But then Jen Royle of the Boston Herald doesn’t just quote tweet me, but also blames Dave Portnoy, aka El Presidente of Barstool Sports for the false Pete Frates death report.


This throws me off because Portnoy has been a massive supporter of the Frates family and it wouldn’t make sense for him to create this story without talking to the family. So I do a little research and all I find is a reaction tweet. He did write a blog, but we’ll get to that later.

So I look into Royle and find out she writes(?) for the Herald, she’s verified on Twitter, and so on. So I respond to point out some facts, and folks, she was not having it.





So at this point, I’m lost for words. Royle clearly isn’t getting the point or thinks everyone on Twitter is a reporter. Her big gripe with the initial report is she believes the family should report whether or not Pete had passed, not some fired journalist


It’s a fair point I can’t argue, but it has absolutely nothing to do with her exchange concerning Dave Portnoy and Barstool.

So she goes on and does the same thing with another user on Twitter and I jumped in because she is really sounding like an idiot.


I’m hoping at this point she gets the point. But then she clearly has no idea what in the world she’s talking about.


Portnoy put up a RIP Pete Frates blog shortly after Barnicle reported he had passed, but later added an edit mentioning the false report. Portnoy decided to leave the blog up as a way to have Pete read his own eulogy before he actually passed. Whether or not you like the move, you have to consider Portnoy’s feelings towards Pete and the family. He loves them.

But for Jen to say Barstool was “reporting” Pete’s death is so wrong, especially coming from an “Emmy-winning reporter.”

After I sent her the blog, guess what she does…


Yup, she blocks me. A member of the media couldn’t handle being proven wrong by some schmuck who answers customer support emails all day.

Or was it something else….

Turns out Royle does not like Barstool Sports. She’s tweeted it previously.


I guess her whole thing about hating Barstool comes down to Portnoy saying female sports reporters are hired solely for their looks and Royal was pissed about that statement. This from Portnoy back in 2012(?). I couldn’t find the date:

I wonder if Jen Royle still thinks you don’t have to be an absolute smoke bomb to get this job? Welcome to the real world honey. Everybody thinks like us, they just won’t come out and say it.

So that statement got her pissed, plus the whole “Barstool is sexist, misogynistic, and promotes rape culture” thing people always say. I tried finding more info, but I’m not up to wasting my time traveling down the Internet rabbit hole over some girl who starts arguments based on her own grudges.

I get the family aspect (mentioned above), but how much validity does it hold when you attack Portnoy first and then throw in the family aspect after?


That tweet is from 5:28 AM (Jen, is your phone on west coast time? What are you doing?) But then she tweets the family opinion after the fact at 5:29 AM.


So are you pissed about the family not reporting it themselves or that Dave Portnoy reacted to it? Because if you were that fired up about the family issue, you wouldn’t have gone out of your way to quote-tweet a random person you don’t know or follow on Twitter.

I’m a reader of Barstool Sports, but I wouldn’t consider myself this almighty defender of the Stool. Hate the site all you want, many people do and that’s up to them, but Royle’s argument is flawed and she looks like an idiot, especially when she DOESN’T EVEN READ THE SITE:



Jen can get the hell off her high horse telling me to stick to my day job, especially when she doesn’t even read the site or blog she is criticizing. Strange, because wasn’t Barnicle ripped apart for not doing his research? Yet Royle goes after me and Portnoy without having a damn clue about what was written.

Her hate against Barstool/Portnoy for his comments is the most hypocritical bullshit I’ve seen. The whole thing about hiring sports reporters just on appearance? Tell me Jen, why the hell would you pin this tweet to your profile?


Yeah, for sure you want to fight again. That’s why you took a selfie in the bathroom with just your undies and shirt rolled up to show off your abs. Makes sense. Definitely has nothing to do with showing off your body and gaining more followers based on your appearance. I’m sure when people see your pinned tweet, they think “Emmy winning MLB reporter.” And this exchange right below:


Just a perfect excuse for when people say she’s using her looks for attention. “I’m not showing off my body, I want to raise money for cancer research. You think I did this for attention? Shame on you! You must be a Barstool reader! Sexist!”

If Royle truly thought her reporting ability was what made her stand out, then she wouldn’t pin a photo of her body for four months on her Twitter page. You’re only proving Portnoy’s point.

So I thank you Jen Royle for blocking me, because I would rather not see your dumbass opinions in my mentions. Seems like you’re doing wonders for the Herald.

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