GMIM: The War on Millennials

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Alrighty, folks. Little housekeeping here for GMIM. Usually I find a couple of stories, react, and give a personal story as well. I’ve received positive feedback for far with what I’ve written, but mainstream weekly blogs or articles typically follow some sort of structure. So from here on out, you’ll notice a little change in GMIM with various sections/topics, some that’ll reoccur every seven days. So let’s just into it!

Clocking In

Weather: Partly cloudy, 69 degrees (nice); moon obstruction during the afternoon
Traffic: Light; the calm before the storm, aka school traffic
Did Zach get to work on time: Sure
Breakfast: Maple brown sugar oatmeal, hot coffee with two Sweet-N-Low, ice water

Monday morning metaphor: Aaron Judge has struck-out in 37 straight games

Monday morning gripe: The war on Millennials and technology

[Link to the video, because CBS is a bunch of old idiots]

[Source: CBS] – A new book details the dramatic effects digital devices can have on today’s tech-savvy kids. It’s called, “iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy – and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood – and What That Means for the Rest of Us.”

Author and psychologist Jean Twenge coined the term “iGen” for kids born between 1995 and 2012 – the first generation to spend their entire childhoods with smartphones and social media. Twenge reveals they are getting less sleep, postponing sex, and even delaying getting a driver’s license.

“It’s so common for people to say ‘Oh, you know, kids are growing up so quickly these days,’ but they’re growing up more slowly,” Twenge told “CBS This Morning.” “Eighteen-year-olds now look like what 15-year-olds used to,” she said.

“There was one young man who told me, ‘Well, I didn’t get my driver’s license because my parents didn’t push me to get my license,'” she recalled. A member of Gen X herself, she was surprised because for her generation it had been the other way around.

So I didn’t learn my lesson from last week, as I spent my Thursday afternoon sitting in another waiting room. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but still painful. On the only television in the room was CBS This Morning and the segment featured Jean Twenge who wrote iGen, basically a book telling us that sitting inside all day on your phone causes kids to have depression and less sex.

Well, no shit. I didn’t need a book to tell us this.

This segment was once again a parent/Generation X individual telling the world that it’s Millennials fault for everything, just like I’ve documented previously. But Tweange’s take on this may be the icing on the cake.

First, older folk are mad at Millennials for being young and wild, but now they’re not having sex? Oh the horror of lower teen pregnancy rates. And those damn reckless drivers? Why aren’t they driving sooner???

The best quote from Jean is when she says kid’s aren’t going out anymore because when the party’s on Snapchat, you don’t have to go out. Um, what? Makes zero sense. Yeah, are there times where kids waste time looking at their phones at these false perceptions of reality and these fake online happy lives, but no one has ever said “I’m not going to a party because I  can just watch it on my phone.” Makes sense.

Jean is a mother of two. So after she did all this research, how did she handle it?

“The day I analyzed that data looking at screen time and unhappiness and depression, I took my kids’ tablets and put them in a drawer.”

There’s two giant misconceptions with smartphones/technology and kids using them: what’s to blame and how to solve it. Generation X thinks the solution is to throw the tablets in a drawer and take them away because the kids are making themselves unhappy and it’s their fault. Hey geniuses, who made the technology and purchased it? Your generation did. How can Generation X and other parents complain about kids not being motivated when you don’t give them a push? It’s not to say that kids can’t be self motivated, but when they’re given everything, including the damn tablet you the parent are complaining about, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror. Or maybe think back at what got you motivated. What got GenX out of the house? It wasn’t simply a lack of iPhones. Gen X was having kids younger and growing up faster because their parents, the baby boomers, pushed them to do so. See a pattern, folks?

Also, when the divorce rate in this country is 50%, maybe a kid is more likely to shove his or her face into a phone all night rather than spend time with others. Just a thought.

If Gen X and parents want kids to not be depressed and end up like brain-dead losers like Jean is portraying them to be, spend some time with your kids and teach them how to use technology in a proficient way. Or maybe once in a while tell them to get a damn job and not be a hippie. But no, you don’t know how to use your smart phone, so you’ll blame the kids instead, even though you’ll throw them a tablet at the table in a restaurant to shut them up.

By the way, that clip is from 1994. Still relevant 23 years later.


Song of the week

How do I choose it? Not sure. It’s just a song that has been in my head or something I’ve been jamming to lately. This has no reflection on my mood (maybe it will, who knows), nor will it always be new music. Just listen to what I’ve been listening to lately and see if you like it. Why not?

The first song of the week is “Attention” by Charlie Puth. I do not like any of his other songs and don’t know anything about him. All I know is this song is absolute fire and you’re a fool to say otherwise.

This Monday in sports history: Monday, August 21, 2000

Yankees take down Rangers 12-3, “El Duque” earns 9th win of the season

I had completely forgotten about Orlando Hernandez before this blog. Dude had one of the best deliveries in baseball history.

Fun fact about the 2000 season at this point: the Chicago White Sox were 74-51 and on top of the American League. Even though the Yankees would go on to win the World Series, the White Sox were on their way to win its own championship six years later and remain irrelevant in the city of Chicago.

Booker T defends his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Chuck Palumbo

Shane McMahon defeats Steve Blackman to win the WWF Hardcore Championship

Looking back on this match (and around this time in general), its funny to see how Shane comes off as a puss, like the privileged boss’s son. But boy did he live up to the hardcore championship reputation after this. Not only did he jump off the Titantron, he survived a damn helicopter crash. Yes, a real life helicopter crash.

Monday quote of the week

I’ve had great success being a total idiot.

-Jerry Lewis, who passed yesterday at 91

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