GMIM: Merry Christmas?

Welcome to another installment of Good Mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Clocking In

Weather: Warm
Traffic: Construction and roads filled with people confused about daylight savings time
Breakfast: Crumb muffin and a french vanilla iced coffee
Zach arrival time: Not the last one in, so that’s good
Mornings without Starbucks: 196

Monday Mourning Metaphor

Update: Pumpkin season is over… Happy Holidays! Seasons greetings!

If you read last week’s blog, you would know I’ve been struggling with my eventual departure from pumpkin season. I still have a half-dozen pumpkin beers in the fridge, cabinets full of pumpkin muffin mix, and a few pumpkin candles lying around the house. Well, it looks like I need to throw all of it out, because it’s time to celebrate Christmas.

Last week was an interesting one. It started with a huge rainstorm that brought high-speed winds strong enough to knock out power in some parts of the state for as much as four days. This can be problematic when trying to Trick or Treat, thus Halloween activities were pushed back to Friday.

I’m too old to go door to door asking for handouts, nor was I interested in giving candy to kids all night. So what was the logical activity for Friday night? I trip to Kohl’s of course. (Side note: if you want a pain-free shopping experience, go during Halloween. Essentially empty.)

So the lady and I walk in and what do you know, the store is littered in Christmas decorations and is actually playing Christmas music. Folks, there’s not a more confusing feeling than walking through a Kohl’s winter wonderland during Halloween while wearing shorts. Don’t worry, the weather was warm; I haven’t given up on myself yet.

So now I ask again: what am I to do? Clearly it’s time to celebrate Christmas and embrace the holiday spirit. Do I go all out and start wearing ugly sweaters, drink egg nog, and play Christmas songs at my desk? I say why not. Until Thanksgiving starts putting out fire holiday songs, I’m sticking with the December classics for the next two months. The first step was buying a Christmas tree air freshener for the car on Friday. Baby steps.

All I know is once December 26th rolls around, it’s officially Valentine Season. But until then, do me a favor and HIT THE DAMN MUSIC!

Vacation Battle Royale: Beach House vs Lake House

So the Lady and I went away for the weekend to a nice place on Lake Winnipesaukee to celebrate 5 years of sweet lovin. You know the standard features of a luxury room, bottle of wine, fireplace. Maybe some chicken… see where it goes from there.

Anywho, the hotel we stayed at was awesome and our room was pretty much on the water. Our room was on the first floor, so we had doors leading to a porch with a couple rockers and a beautiful view. It essentially felt like we were in a lake house for the weekend.

This had us thinking: what’s better, a beach house or a lake house?

The quick answer would be beach house. Everyone loves the summer, boozing on the beach, longer days, warm nights. To me, it’s the one place you can fully enjoy summer weather and not care about anything happening in the outside world.

But after thinking it out further, a lake house does have its benefits. For one, lake houses aren’t tied down to a single season, regardless of where you live. They can be transformative through the seasons, changing from the post-swimming house to a cabin-like retreat for the autumn/winter. Plus, you can swim in the summer and skate in the winter. Best of both worlds. Can’t do any ice skating on the Atlantic.

With that, I’d go lake house. Can’t be one on a dinky pond though; the lake has to be a good size, otherwise you’re better off swimming in your nephew’s bathtub water. Nothing against beach houses, but no one has ever asked me to go to the beach in January.

So what do you think? Cast your vote…

This Monday in History: 1995

Art Modell decides to be an asshole

[Source] – On November 6, 1995, the owner of the Cleveland Browns announces that he is moving the team to Baltimore. The team owner, Art Modell, had purchased the Browns in October 1960 for $4 million. He loved his team and the fans, he said, but Cleveland Stadium was a mess and the city, after building a new baseball stadium and a new basketball arena, didn’t seem inclined to fix it. “They took me for granted,” Modell said, “until I had to pull the trigger.”

Cleveland fans were devoted to their team—average attendance at home games during the 1994 season was 70,000, and was even higher than that during the 1995 season.

A county referendum would have provided nearly $50 million in revenue from a “sin tax” on alcohol and cigarettes, but for Modell, that wasn’t enough. “It’s just not the answer,” he told reporters. “It doesn’t do the job.”

You think your Monday is bad? Imagine waking up in the city of Cleveland (I could end the sentence there), going to work, and finding out your boss is moving his company to Baltimore. What a way to start the week. It’s so diabolical, I almost respect it.

What blew my mind was an average attendance of these games and remembering the Browns didn’t exactly suck at one point. Only a few years later, that team would win its first Super Bowl as the Baltimore Ravens. The mo’ you know.

As for the Browns being good, when you have this guy coaching your team…’re bound to be on the up & up.

Speaking of Cleveland Belichick, here’s a great video of Bill on some local access cooking show making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Song of the Week

Come on, folks. I already said Merry Christmas. Just listen to the entire Kenny G album.

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