GMIM: Back from Turkey Day

Welcome to another installment of Good Mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Clocking In

Weather: Cool, not terrible
Traffic: The ole’ “welcome back to work after a holiday” commute
Breakfast: Medium hot dark roast with a glazed stick (healthy morning)
Zach arrival time: Middle of the pack
Mornings without Starbucks: 217

Monday Mourning Metaphor

Did I curse Miami football?

If you read the previous blog, you saw the song of last week was the hot-fire-flames jam known as “Turnover Chain” from Solo D. I may or may not have hopped on the Miami bandwagon after they started 10-0 and trounced Virginia (ok, more like barely got by). I should have known they were in position to be upset by Pitt right after.

Let’s take a step back. I don’t have a favorite college football team because I went to a tiny fashion college whose biggest sports were soccer and rugby. So basically, I domestically studied abroad.

I had Boston College football season tickets for a couple of seasons, so I got watch exciting games against Maine and other community colleges. But I never had “my own” college football team.

So here we are. I need a favorite college football team for both Saturdays and when the Patriots eventually finally return to their 1990’s form. I’d go onto BuzzFeed and take a quiz, but I’m not a teenage girl. So instead, I’ll come up with my own questions and see where I land…

Do you watch football?

If you answered no: Notre Dame
Otherwise, continue the survey

Have you watched Rudy?

Yes/Love it! = Notre Dame
Yes it’s ok, or no = Continue

Do you embrace your Irish heritage, despite being 10% Irish?

Dude, I’m wicked Irish, pal = Notre Dame
I’m American = Continue

Did you attend a Catholic high school and/or college?

Yes (and praise be to God) = Notre Dame
No = Continue

Do you wear your class ring(s) from high school and/or college?

Yes = Notre Dame
No = Continue

Are you that guy who roots for the Yankees, Cowboys, Penguins, and Warriors?

Yes = Alabama
Yes, and I’m 10% like fully Irish, kid = Notre Dame
No = Continue

Do you only watch college football during bowl games / the national championship?

Yes = Whoever is #1 / Alabama
No = Continue

Should Notre Dame join a football conference?

Why would they do that? It’s tradition! = Notre Dame
Yes, so they can be exposed as the frauds they are = continue

Do you enjoy competitive football?

Heck yeah! = Any SEC team
Sure, I guess = Michigan
Yeah, but I don’t know what makes a team great = Notre Dame
Nah, I’m here to drink = Any PAC12 team
None of the above = continue

Can you stand by a team no matter how they perform?

My team is always great. Didn’t you watch the movie? = Notre Dame
Well, we got nothing else in this damn state = Alabama
They’re gonna be good. Trust me. = Michigan, Ohio State, Miami, Texas, LSU
I prefer pro football, but hey remember that pass!? It’ll happen again, I think = Boston College
Yeah, as long as they don’t suck and I don’t look stupid rooting for them = continue

What is your favorite color?

Gold = Notre Dame
Blue (and gold) = Notre Dame
Green, because it’s lucky = Notre Dame
Anything else = Continue


Well, after taking this survey, I can’t say I know who I’m cheering for. By default it’s BC since I had season tix and went to school so close. But if I had to pick somewhere else, I guess it’s USC. They have cool colors, play in a big ass stadium, won some national titles, hate Notre Dame, and their mascot/team name makes any 13-year-old giggle.

They might be ranked #11, but hey, it doesn’t mean we had a bad season. Let’s capture that Chick-Fil-A Bowl! Let’s go!!

Movie Review: Coco

Welp, there goes Disney/Pixar putting out another banger like they’re goddamn DJ Khaled.

This movie was awesome. I won’t go into full movie review mode because 1) I want to keep it simple, 2) I’d like to get this blog out before Tuesday, and 3) just go see the movie.

General synopsis: Basic overview without giving away too much is the main character Miguel wants to be a singer, but his family hates music. He eventually goes on a wild journey in hopes of being able to play. Again, I don’t want to give away too much. My key takeaways are:

  • Visually, it’s up there, especially the scenery. It’s wildly creative and enjoyable to watch (literally watch).
  • The story is unique and isn’t like previous Disney movies. No princesses/princes. Just a kid and a guitar.
  • It’s cool to see Disney dabbing in different cultures, like they did with Moana and now Coco. Helps create more stories/movies going forward.

The biggest reason for this review isn’t for Coco, but instead the garbage that played right before. Disney/Pixar has typically done great short films prior to movies that can act as stand-alones. But for some reason, they decided to make a Frozen short film. And by short film, I mean it was 21 minutes long. Yes, TWENTY-ONE MINUTES LONG. It was absolutely painful. Even if you’re obsessed with Frozen, this sucked.

The short film was stupid Olaf helping the sisters find a Christmas tradition. That description alone should have raised a red flag, but instead those a-holes needed to shove more of Frozen’s shit down my throat. The songs sucked, the story was awful, and it was unnecessary. Oh, and did I mention it was 21 MINUTES????

If Coco ended up being a crappy movie, I would’ve lost my shit. But thankfully, the actual movie made me forget the garbage that was the Frozen short.

So if you go to the theater to see Coco, head in about 20 minutes after your start time. You’ll thank me later.

Official Coco rating: 5/5 guitars

I might develop a gambling problem, and my 18-year-old nephew is to blame

My nephew just turned 18. Nowadays, being 18 doesn’t mean shit. In Massachusetts, you have to be 21 to buy tobacco, but what fun is there in purchasing cigs? So instead, I took him to Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, since you only have to be 18 to play.

I’m not much of a gambler. I hate slot machines because they’re rigged (according to me) and whenever I play blackjack, I tend to double-down on 15. Why you say? My logic is if I’m going to hit anyway, why not double-down? Doesn’t always work out for me and my little brain. So most of the time, I try to stick to roulette.

I take my nephew over, throw in $40 for us, and tell him to pick some numbers and colors. Next thing you know, my $40 is over $250 in a matter of minutes and the boss guys in suits are keeping an eye on us. I’m having him and my lady pick numbers & outside bets, and it’s working. I did the responsible thing and blew it all on a steak dinner for my nephew, girlfriend, and I.

So here’s the issue I have: it turns out my nephew is my little Puerto Rican Rain Man. I’m confident in this little guy getting me some money, but this situation might end up with me in some serious debt if it backfires. What am I to do? Should I drag his ass with me to the casino every weekend? Do I kill him make him go away to avoid potential financial debt?

I’m not sure what I should do. But what I do know is the kid has himself a future, and it’s in the great state of Nevada.

Song of the Week

Who knows, maybe I should take my nephew to the poker table next time…

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