GMIM: A week late

Welcome to another installment of Good Mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Clocking In

Weather: 37 degrees, not bad
Traffic: Wonderful, great, grand, awesome (almost 3 hours)
Breakfast: French vanilla iced coffee
Zach arrival time: 9:30 (pre-office visit)
Mornings without Starbucks: 280

Monday Mourning Metaphor

When it’s a new week, new you…

…but it ends up being shitty anyway:

Yes, I missed a week. Get over it.

My loyal following of six people may have noticed I did not write a blog last week. Well, that’s life, folks. I don’t get paid to write this blog. I get paid to do other stuff. So when other stuff comes up, the blog waits. Could I just push out a few sentences every week and call it a day? Sure, but that’s not who I am. I’m a man of integrity. And by integrity, I mean waste a lot of time on this by ensuring it reads well the first time through without having to re-write or makes several drafts. I’m a shoot from the hip type of fella who expresses his Monday miseries and/or thoughts on Mondays, not prewritten on Thursday.

So if you are sad from the missing blog, my deepest apologies to you. And if you’re just fine, then good. You should be. It’s a blog.

Hot Take City: Is owning a dog overrated?

My Saturdays are typically filled with chores and fulfilling dumb needs like getting an oil change for my car. Once in a while I’ll make plans, but otherwise, I like to get shit done. I get home later in the weekday, so it’s easier to get things done around the house on Saturdays. One of these things was scooping up dog shit.

You see folks, I own a dog. Well, sort of. It’s my mother’s dog that happens to be really attached to me, so naturally it’s my dog. although this mop looking fellow can be a loving animal, at the end of the day, it’s still a filthy animal.

We can agree dogs are fun, fuzzy, cuddly, and funny. But in reality, owning and taking care of a dog sucks. Have you ever met anyone who wanted to have an infant for 10 years? A little creature that screams all day, can’t use the bathroom on its own, pees and poops all day, can’t talk, doesn’t typically play well with others, and can’t walk does not sound like an ideal thing to be stuck with. Yet that is exactly what we do with dogs! Dogs, no matter the age, are forever infants: incapable of taking care of themselves and completely reliant on their owners. Hell, at least with a human they can learn how to cook, clean, use the bathroom, get a job, and so forth. Dogs? The only guarantee after 18 years is they’ll still be pissing on the carpet till the day they die. You can have a kid, raise him or her right, get them lined up for a successful career, and have them take care of you with their wealth. You know what dogs can give you in return? Fur. So much fur stuck on everything. No matter how many times you vacuum, wash your clothes, or sweep, dog hair gets EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t go away.

So yes, I do like dogs. I’ll pet every one I see. But owning a dog is a massive pain in the ass that has no benefits whatsoever.

And that’s my hot take.

eSports…what’s up with that?

Folks, I was requested to talk about eSports here on the blog.

“But Zach, what in the good golly gosh is an eSport?”

Well idiot, allow me to tell you. eSports are the hottest thing since sliced bread. You know when you had Madden tournaments back in college for money? Well picture that, remove your douchebag roommate, add nerds, and play League of Legends instead. Or Overwatch. Or another game I will never play.

Remember when parents would tell their kids to get outside and toss the football instead of playing Nintendo all day? Well guess what? Now you’re going to tell your kids to stop watching other people sit inside to play video games.

I’m not much of an eSports guy, but what I can tell you is that it’s apparently the next big thing. I might be told it’s the future, but so is soccer, and look how that turned out for the men’s national team. I’ve also been told lacrosse is the future, but that wasn’t enough for Chris Hogan to walk away from the Patriots.

I am not a smart man, but smart rich men like Robert Kraft are dipping their toes in the eSports world by investing in teams. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. If people can watch guys drive cars in circles for four straight hours, what’s stopping kids from watching someone else play Street Fighter?

Keep an eye out on this, folks. If you can invest some stock in one of these teams, I say do it now while it’s still on the rise. eSports are already big in South Korea and other Asian countries, and there’s nothing stopping it from expanding here in the states. I think.

Song of the Week

I had to take some time to listen to JT’s newest jam. Dude dropped a bomb last month announcing he was releasing a new album right around the Super Bowl. Baller move like you read about.

“Filthy” is the first single released off Timberlake’s new album. It has the same feel as Kanye West’s “Power,” and it’s not the type of song you sing along to. “Filthy” is the same way: throw it on in the car, at a party, or jump into the instrumentals.

There’s no way every song is like this. JT is too talented to waste an entire album on deep house songs. Bangers are to come, folks. Give it time.

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