GMIM: Super Bowl Monday

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Clocking In

Weather: 66 degrees… in my house
Traffic: I wouldn’t know
Breakfast: Chocolate Mocha Mint iced coffee, blueberry-corn muffin
Zach arrival time: Whenever I woke up
Mornings without Starbucks: 294

Monday Mourning Metaphor

I’m not sure what exactly was the worst part of yesterday

As someone who enjoys the NFL team located in Foxboro, last night’s Super Bowl sucked on a numbers of levels. First and foremost, the Patriots lost. Not that they were the better team, but New England could’ve won the game. I won’t say Bill Belichick is a moron for not playing Malcom Butler, but I won’t not say it either. Simply frustrating to watch the Pats continuously kick themselves in the dick one 3rd down after another.

So not only did the Pats lose, but I didn’t trust my gut and put money on the game. I’ve been saying all week (and even on last week’s blog) that the Eagles would at least cover the spread. If I were a smart man, I would’ve put some dough on Philly and feel a little better this Monday. Instead, the Pats lost and I’m still poor.

Continuing the trend of things that sucked yesterday, I thought JT’s halftime show was subpar. Couldn’t exactly hear him sing, too much going on at different times, and I’m not a fan of the buzzcut. Should have left the fancy man hair, JT. Sad.

The last worst part from yesterday? I didn’t win in any pools, squares, fantasy lineups, NOTHING. I was a big fat loser. Literally, too. I ate a lot and drank enough to give me a headache this morning. So yeah, Monday is awesome.

Conspiracy time: Did Belichick throw the Super Bowl to avoid White House visit?

Look at that stud Jimmy G… I miss you sweet prince. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Politics and sports: everyone’s favorite combination. Folks, after last night’s game, you really had to wonder what Coach Bill Belichick was thinking. Lucky for you, I think I know: avoiding a White House visit.

Numerous players skipped out on last year’s visit, including liberal snowflake Tom Brady. After Trump made the comments about NFL players kneeling during the anthem, numerous players knelt in protest. Protestception. Anywho, we all know Belichick and Trump are good friends, and the last thing you do is make things awkward for your buddy.

So what does Belichick do? Benches Malcom Butler, let’s up 41 points, and avoids an awkward time at the White House. Plus, this puts the pressure on former Patriot Chris Long, who said he would skip the White House before stepping on the field yesterday. Your move, Chris.

My theory might be out there, but don’t rule it out, friends.

(On a serious note, I am super curious how the White House visit will go for the Eagles. Plus, will Trump play the national anthem just to screw with the team?…………..  I hate everyone.)

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