GMIM: A long, long morning

Welcome to another installment of Good Mourning, it’s Monday! This weekly blog looks to cover various topics in the news, along with personal stories or encounters from the past week at home and work to help you through your first day back at work (unless you don’t work). Hopefully my seven followers like this and share this to make it eight. Enjoy…

Clocking In

Weather: Too cold for my liking
Traffic: Not too congested, but not a breeze… so just right?
Breakfast: Turkey sausage, egg, and cheese on an English… again.
Zach arrival time: Little past 9:20? I don’t remember
Mornings without Starbucks: 342

Monday Mourning Metaphor


Gym update: I tried yoga for the first time


If you’ve been following along on this useless blog, you would know I bought a gym membership. Ya boy is trying to get himself into some sort of shape that not the current, which is best described as lumpy.

Anywho, I’ve done a few cardio-based classes and a bit of weight-lifting, no big deal (actually not a big deal since they were 20lbs dumbbells and I was struggling). But last week I tried yoga for the first time ever. My physical history includes high school wrestling, three years at poorly attempting baseball, a single season of freshmen football (shoutout fourth string and special teams), and beer league softball here and there. But no where in between all of that have I done yoga or anything remotely close. I’ve never been opposed to it, but I’ve never given thought to actually try it out. So when the lovely lady asks if I’d like to do a quick 30-minute yoga sesh, I’m saying yes. 

So the class we do has five other people in there, a collection of misfits with myself included in that bunch. I have no business being in this room, nor any gym for that matter. So we start the class by laying on our backs and relaxing. Two things: 1) what the hell kind of start is this? I’m used to jumping jacks, maybe jump rope, or something to get warmed up. But this? Nope, take a nap, folks. 2) I cannot relax. I’m a tense dude. If you tell me to relax, I’ll do just the opposite. Hell, I’m tense just writing this stupid thing because it’s getting published late and I’d like to squeeze in a game of FIFA before Lyndsey gets home.

After we “relax” and work on our breathing, we get into our different poses. (I understand if you do yoga, this whole me describing the steps of yoga is comical. It’d be like reading someone throw a football for the first time.) Downward dog, child pose, and so on. I’ve heard of these, but my small brain has never understood. I nailed all those, I think. But then we got into deeper stretching, stretching part I didn’t know existed, like my outer hip and groin simultaneously. It was interesting the say the least.

After doing all the poses, we laid on our backs to cool down and relax, even though we didn’t work out. But the instructor massaged essential oils into everyone’s neck. Big fan of this. I smelled so good, I almost didn’t shower.

Afterward, we ended with all of us in the fetal position on our sides to “reflect on our days.” Then we sat up with our eyes closed, the instructor said some spiritual stuff, and then we end with the Indian prayer/greeting thing “namaste.” So I guess yoga translates to “stretchy church.”

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. Weird at first, definitely feel like an idiot doing it, but in the end, I feel just a tiny bit more flexible. I went Saturday morning by myself for an hour, felt more like an idiot, but ended up feeling quite stretchy. Although I’m now accepting of yoga, don’t expect me to know what the hell I’m talking about anytime soon.





I was right: Gordon Hayward cares more about video games than the Boston Celtics NBA Star Gordon Hayward Stream Takeover! from HyperX on

[Source: Rolling Stone] – Fortnite has turned into a massive phenomenon since its launched in July 2017. It has a growing base of 45 million players and it’s currently the most-watched game on Twitch. A number of celebrities recently streamed themselves playing its Battle Royale mode, including rappers Drake and Travis Scott, and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. Some celebrities and professional gamers will square off at this year’s E3 in a pro-am tournament, developer Epic Games announced this month.

Hayward joined the Celtics after signing a four-year, $128 million contract last summer, according to Deadspin. He suffered a gruesome ankle injury while playing against the Cavaliers in October, and has apparently spent a lot of time playing video games while recovering. A quick glance at his Twitter feed shows he also recently spent some time with Overwatch and Destiny 2.

Well, well, well… I guess Zach was right after all. Remember back when I made the “wild” accusation that Gordon Hayward got hurt on purpose in order to play more video games? Doesn’t seem that crazy after all.

If you read the excerpt above, you’d see that nerd game Fortnite launched in July 2017. HMMMMMMM that’s strange, because Hayward got hurt back in October… three months after the game was released. Convenient that he got hurt right before Fortnite became a massive hit and has been playing the game more during his “recovery.”

You may be thinking, “Zach, how can you say that? What else is he going to do? It’s not like it’s getting in the way of his rehab.”


Interesting, because the speculation for some time has been that Hayward could possibly get back on the court this season. But nope, he had a “set back.” Maybe he should check into video game rehab before repairing his foot.

Plus, you see in the video how he blatantly ignores his child to play a children’s game? The only boogie bomb he should be dealing with is from his daughter’s nostril. And how about his wife telling him dinner is ready? I’m no doctor, but I know that you can’t get your vitamins without eating some food.

Facts are facts, folks. And the fact is Gordon Hayward had no intention of playing this season once Fortnite was launched, and this video proves it. If you’re a Celtics fan, the first thing you should be doing is calling into every sports radio station in town demanding Danny Ainge trade this man for multiple draft picks. Otherwise, you’re getting played worst than Gordon Hayward in Fortnite.

P.S., What a NERD for playing on his computer. Dude, buy a Playstation like a normal person.

Song of the Week

Went bowling the other night is this song played twice. My favorite era of hip hop, because it was so bad.

Also, best part of this video is at 0:48 seconds, Chamillionaire says:

Ride with a new chick, she like hold up
Next to the play-station controller

Folks, if you take a closer look…

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.27.48 PM.png

Chamillionaire’s new chick is playing XBOX.

Maybe she’s like hold up because he doesn’t know his video game systems. Sad.

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