Editor’s Corner: The final column


Over the course of four years in college, there are lessons students learn that can potentially lead them on the right path in life. Such as, what restaurants deliver past midnight? Can I still pass this assignment despite writing three fewer pages than required? Or how long can I go without washing this article of clothing? In most cases, it’s three days.

In all seriousness, Lasell is nothing but a beacon of resources, help, and advice since the day incoming freshmen step foot on campus. Continue reading

Shuttle driver brightens students’ days


Every weekday, between the hours of 5 p.m. and 2 a.m., he drives around campus. His job is to transport students to various locations, as he con­tributes to Lasell’s free shuttle service. He may not know every student on campus and every student may not know him, but Robert Davis will greet ev­ery passenger like a longtime friend. It’s because of this friendliness that Rob has become an icon among the student body.

“Hey man! How’s it going?” Rob said to a new passenger. He delivers a fist bump to the boarding student, having no knowledge of his name or background. It’s nothing out of the or­dinary for Rob to welcome his riders with amia­bility. As the passengers get seated, Rob changes the radio station to dance music to get everyone on board in a positive mood. Continue reading

Foss discusses race, law


Sitting in Yamawaki with his suit and dreadlocks, guest speaker Adam Foss, Assistant District Attorney in the Juvenile Division of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, led the final discussion of Lasell’s “Conversations to Honor Black History: Does Race (Still) Matter?” Professor Jennifer Drew hosted the talk on Thursday, February 27th during common hours. 

The 34-year-old Assistant DA wears a slim fit suit and sports a trimmed beard with dreadlocks hanging past his waist. When asked if he will ever cut his dreadlocks, the answer is always no. Continue reading

Awards Banquet honors students


Lasell honors students, members of the community, and organizations with its annual Awards Banquet. This year’s recipients include Flannagh Fitzsimmons (Lasell Chair), Myranda Smith and Kevin Lilly (Student Leaders of the Year), Dean of Admission Jim Tweed (SGA Spirit Award), and POLISHED Magazine (Organization of the Year). 

“I’m so surprised I got [the Lasell Chair], it was a bitter sweet feeling after the week I had. I would have done everything at Lasell regardless of the award. It is amazing where hard work can get you,” said Fitzsimmons. Continue reading