GMIM: Breast feeding, basketball, and my health

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Australian Senator Becomes First-Ever to Breastfeed in Parliament


[Source: Motto] – Australian Senator Larissa Waters made history Tuesday as the first person to breastfeed in her country’s Parliament. Waters, the co-leader of the left-wing Greens party, returned from a 10-week-long maternity leave with her newborn daughter, Alia Joy, and nursed her during a vote. The parliamentarian was instrumental in passing a rule last year that allowed for members to breastfeed in the senate chambers, according to The Courier Mail. Still, Waters was surprised to receive so much attention.

What a hardo, amirite??

Stories like this are exactly the type of click bait that get men and women, super feminists and douchebag guys, or old and young people into fights. It’s another one of those issues that’s trying to play both sides of the argument. Continue reading