Zach’s Blog: I’m getting sued (I think)

It’s time for another rebrand


As you may or may not have noticed, it’s yet again not Monday, and I haven’t published a blog since July 24. I have a list of excuses: work, time, family, friends, alcohol. But reality is I’ve been prioritizing everything else but my blog. The podcast? HA! That’s been on the back-burner for over a year. It’s like the gym for me: I get all excited, stay consistent for a few weeks, and then drop off and gain 25lbs. So with that, we’re changing this from “Good Mourning, It’s Monday” to “Zach’s Blog.” Why? Because GMIM looks awkward and no one would ever say the full name. “Zach’s Blog” though? Short and sweet, and I imagine my mother or one of the other seven people who read this to say “Did you read ‘Zach’s Blog’ today? What a sweet little boy.” Plus, you can replace Drake’s “God’s Plan” lyrics with the blog name.

“Sometimes I write, sometimes I don’t…”

Anywho, I’ll still be writing about stupid stories I find, personal experiences, and anything to make you the reader either think or giggle like a school girl. There may be several blogs a week in shorter form, or big ones once a week as a weekly read. Who knows, because I certainly don’t.

Hope you enjoy, folks.

I thought I was being sued, but turns out I was being scammed


A couple weeks ago, I got a strange email with the subject line “Unlicensed Use of Agence France-Presse Imagery – Reference Number: 6519-4278-2604” and didn’t think anything of it. Few days later, I checked back on it to find I was being sued. Well, sued might be a little strong. Basically, I had used a picture of Nick Foles in my post-Super Bowl blog that was apparently from Getty or whatever source. Continue reading